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Peace Education through Culture
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Continuing Education ~ Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity depends on a lifetime of curiosity, honesty, and on-going education. Sadly, the absence of just one of these things often leads to a "closed" system of thinking. But for an open mind, independent learning never stops. Sincere contemplation of the true teachings of Life as pointed to in Zen, Tao, Tibetan Buddhism, and all real teachings, is really a process of becoming more and more appreciative. These interactive courses come directly to your email address, and the dialogue could last one to three weeks.


    Meditation I & II        Universal Qigong Energy I & II        Bodhisattva Path        Peacemakers        Buddha: The Man        Death and Dying   

Meditation I $20
(Books and Meditation Education Manual are not included.)
This course is an introduction to examining popular meditation styles.

Required reading:
    "Meditation Education Manual"
    "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh
    "Everyday Zen" by Joko Beck

View YouTube clips:
    Thich Nhat Hanh "Walking meditation with TNH"
    Joko Beck "Nothing Special"
    Breathing meditation with TNH

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Miracle of Mindfulness Everyday Zen

Meditation II $20
(Books are not included.)
This course is further exploration of inspired meditation teaching.

Required reading:
    "Who Am I?" by Jean Klein
    "Emptiness Dancing" by Adyashanti
    "It's Up To You" by Dzigar Rinpoche

View YouTube clips:
    Dzigar Rinpoche "Appreciate your life now"
    Adyashanti "There is nothing wrong"
    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj I.

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It's Up to You Emptiness Dancing

Universal Qi Energy I $20
(Book and DVDs are not included.)
This course sets the foundation for a thorough study of Qi indications. Although Qi cannot be seen, it can be felt by a trained student.

Required reading:
    "The Root of Chinese Qigong" by Dr. Yang (Book)
    "The Eight Pieces of Brocade" by Dr. Yang (DVD)
    "Sunrise Tai Chi" by Ramel Rones (DVD)

View YouTube clips:
    Dr. Yang - Understanding Qigong - YMMA (Chi Gong)
    Dr. Yang Jwing Ming (Kung Fu magazine interview.)

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Root Chinese Qigong Sunrise Tai Chi

Universal Qi Energy II $20
(DVDs are not included.)
The rare teachings in these DVDs are the clearest inquiry of scientific observation and healing techniques available. It is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that if Qi energy can reach the cells and they are able to multiply, then healing can take place.

Required reading:
    "Understanding Qigong I" by Dr. Yang (DVD)
    "Understanding Qigong II" by Dr. Yang (DVD)
    "Tai Chi Energy Patterns" by Ramel Rones (DVD)

View YouTube clips:
    YMMA Retreat Center in California
    YMAA Netcast Episode 1 part 1

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Understanding Qigong 1 DVD Tai Chi Energy Patterns

Bodhisattva Path of Service $20
(Books/DVD are not included.)
The Path of the Boddhisattva is a path of kindness due to the absence of self-centered living.

Required reading:
    "No Time to Lose" is Pema Chroden's masterpiece
    "10 Questions for the Dalai Llama" -DVD
    "Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life" by Steven C. Hays

View YouTube clips:
    Pema Chodron "This lousy world"
    Dalai Lama "His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama: Ethics for Our Time"
    Pema Chodron "All in the same boat"
    Dalai Lama "World is improving"

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no time to lose 10 Questions

Peacemakers $20
(Books and Family Peace Workbook are not included.)
This course is especially for the one person in a family who wants to create a family peace practical.

Required reading:
    "Peace is Every Step" by Thich Nhat Hanh
    "Family Peace Workbook"
    "Amish Grace" by Donald B. Kraybill

View YouTube clips:
    Thich Nhat Hanh "Peace is Every Step: Meditation in Action"
    "Amish Grace:" Bill Moyers showcases the book

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Peace is Every Step Amish Grace

Buddha: The Man $20
(Books and DVD are not included.)
Thich Nhat Hanh's book "Old Path White Clouds," is an easy to read and lovely historical biography to read because it is written like a novel. Siddhartha, written by Herman Hesse, and the movie "Little Buddha," will also be examined.

Required reading:
    "Old Path White Clouds" by Thich Nhat Hanh
    "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse
    "Little Buddha" -DVD

View YouTube clips:
    Truth of the Buddha - Thich Nhat Hanh
    The Life of the Buddha: (BBC): 4/5
    Little Buddha Part I
    The Buddha Movie Trailer

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Old Path White Clouds Little Buddha

Death and Dying $20
(Books and DVD are not included.)
This course is for anyone interested in serious study of the truth of impermanence. Whether facing your own impermanence, or a care provider for others, or simply interested in becoming more knowledgeable in research and resources, these materials are essential to help understand the most powerful teaching of all. These resources are classics that should be in all home libraries.

Required reading:
    "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche
    "Ageless Body Timeless Mind" by Deepak Chopra
    "Pay it Forward" -DVD

View YouTube clips:
    Deepak Chopra Life After Death - part I
    Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross On Children and Death
    Carl Yung speaks about death

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death & dying Pay it Forward

Zen Home School:
For further information about Zen Home School's Peace Education and Natural Education programs for parents and teachers, please refer to our
Workbooks or our other Tutorials.

ZHS Continuing Education is an online education program for anyone engaged in self-cultivation through life centered learning. Our online courses are offered every term. Persons under 18 are requested to have parental support with their choice of study. ZHS is an information center. Those who follow our Continuing Education program, do so at their own discretion and take full responsibility for their own actions.

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