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Peace Education through Culture
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Educational Resources
Teach yourself and/or teach your child, with a little help from these books, videos and web sites. Just keep it practical and real; cultivate curiosity and appreciation. There is never just one way to teach or to learn.

Teaching Tools    Reference Books    World Religions    How To Books & Sites    Design & Technical

(*Indicates exceptional quality, the rare "Gold Standard" of a field.)
Teaching Tools
       *Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh
       Ending Violence in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community,
       and the world.
       Books by Marshall B. Rosenberg:
       Life-Enriching Education
       Nonviolent communication
       helps schools improve
       performance, reduce conflict,
       and enhance relationships.
       Nonviolent Communication:
       A Language of Compassion
       Speaking Peace
       Communicacion No Violenta

      Educational Technology
       *Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children's Minds
       "Great guidelines for thinking about software purchases and
       looking at what schools are actually offering when they say
       they do computer programs," says Kathy Naman. (ZHS Consultant)

English Grammer:
       Basic Grammer
       Grammar Smart
       *Elements of Style by Strunk and White
       Fantastic! Wow! And Unreal!
       A book about interjections and conjunctions.
       More grammar options...

       Clear Speech
       Phonics A to Z: A practical guide

Basic Writing:
       Freedom Writers Diary
       How a teacher and 150 teens
       used writing to change themselves
       and the world around them.
       More Writing options...

Mature Writing:
       Writer's Diary
       Being extracts from the
       diary of Virginia Woolf
       Write Better Essays in just 20 Minutes a Day
       Writing Down the Bones
       You Can Write a Mystery

Teaching Reading:
       Beyond Traditional Phonics:
       Research discoveries and reading
       Reading and Meaning:
       Comprehension in the primary grades
       Making Words

Cultivating Reading:
       Literature Reading Literacy
       How to Read and Why

       Travel books...
       National Geographic Desk Reference
       On PBS: National Geographic, Nature,
       Globe Trekkers, Rick Steves & www.shop.pbs.org

       American History and Encyclopedia of Music
       Universal History of Numbers
       Biographies Reading Literacy
       Nova, American Masters, National Geographic,
       Specials www.shop.pbs.org
      *Smithsonian Institution Museums and Galleries www.si.edu

Learning Disabilities:
       Support for parents and teachers.
       The Gift of Dyslexia:
       Why some of the smartest people
       can't read and how they can learn.
       Thinking in Pictures and other Reports from My Life with Autism
      *Learning Disabilities Resource Community
       Colleges w/ programs for students w/ Learning Disabilities or ADD

Learning Styles:
       Parent/Teacher Education
       Awareness Bookstore/Child-Development
       Parent/Teacher Training (ZHS online classes)

      Educational Technology
       Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics
       Enrichment Math & Reading Grade 5
       More Math Options...

Science: The Natural World
      Educational Technology
       Teaching Science
       Kidsplanet.org "Defenders of Wildlife"
       KoKo.org The Gorilla Foundation
      *Harvard's Project Zero: www.pzweb.harvard.edu
       PBS Nature, National Geographic, Nova & www.pbs.org/bookstore
       Zoom, PBS Kids, www.pbskids.org
       National Science Foundation www.nsf.gov
       Archaeology Channel www.archaeologychannel.org
       Foe.org Friends of the Earth
       Amrivers.org American Rivers Internship program
       Sandiegozoo.org San Diego Zoo online classroom

Study Skills:
       Get Organized
       How to Study and other Skills for Success
       20/20 Thinking

       Multicultural Manners:
       New rules of etiquette for a changing society
       Family Reunion:
       Everything you need to know to plan
       unforgettable get-togethers for every kind of family

Test Preparation:
       The Secrets of Taking any Test
       The Everything Study Book
       Other Test Prep options...(section)

Educational Television:
       PBS Teacher Source www.pbs.org/teachersource
       PBS TV daily schedule: www.pbs.org
       Discovery Channel www.discovery.com

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Reference Books:
       World Languages:
       French        Spanish        Chinese        African        Arabic
       Maps of the World

World Religions:
       Holy Bible King James Version
       God's Secretaries: The making of the King James Bible
       Jewish Torah
       Islamic Koran
       Bhagavad Gita
       Hindu Writings
       Beyond Belief:
       The Secret Gospel of Thomas,
       by Elaine Pagels
       The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels
       *The Birth of Christianity:
       Discovering What Happened in the Years Immediately After the
       Execution of Jesus, by John Crossan
       The History of God
       The 4000-year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by
       Karen Armstrong
       Buddhism Plain and Simple
       by Zen Priest, Steve Hogan
       *Old Path White Clouds: Walking in the footsteps of the Buddha
       by Thich Nhat Hanh
       The Essential Tao

How To Books & Sites
Animal Care:
       Natural Pet Care: How to Improve your animal's quality of life
       First Aid for Pets
       Homeopathic First Aid for Animals
       First Aid for Birds: The Essential quick-reference guide
       San Diego Zoo Online Classroom:

Book Binding:
       Basic Book binding
       Books, Boxes and Portfolios: binding, construction and design

Build Things:
       Zoom Dos You Can Do: 50+ things you can craft, bake and build
       For People who Love to Build things

       Cook, Eat, Cha Cha Cha: festive new world recipes
       Mediterranean Vegetables
       Cook Right for Your Type

       Drawing with Children:
       Creative teaching and learning
       methods that work for adults too
       Drawing Lessons from a Bear

Fix Things:
       Guitar Player Repair Guide
       Time-Life Books Complete Home Repair Manual

Grow Food:
       *How to Grow More Vegetables:
       And fruits, nuts, berries, grains and other crops than you ever
       thought possible on less land than you can imagine
       *The Sprouting Book (Ann Wigmore)

Garden Design:
       *P.Allen Smith: Garden Home

Healthy Body:
       Breathing Book: Good Health and Vitality
       through Essential Breath Work
       Eat Right for Your Type
       *Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health:
       The Eight Pieces of Brocade
       Get with the Program! (Bob Green)
       Guide to Good Eating for Good Health

       *Oriental Brush Painting Instruction:
       *Kennedy Center for the Arts

Play Guitar:
      Music Maitri
       How to Play Guitar: Electric and Acoustic:
       the basics and beyond (with CD)
       The Complete Book of the Guitar:
       the definitive guide to the world's
       most popular instrument

Play Piano:
      Music Maitri
       Teach Yourself to Play Piano
       Learn to Play More Easy Piano Classics

Read Music:
       Music Maitri
       Basic Music Theory:
       How to read, write and understand written music
       More music books...

       Compassionate Kindness:
       People and Projects Making a Difference
       and How You Can Too
       Folkware Book of Ethnic Clothing:
       Easy ways to sew and embellish
       fabulous garments from around the world
       101 Sewing Secrets
       More sewing books...

Start a Micro Business:
       Zen and the Art of Making a Living
       Budgeting Basics and Beyond

       The Everything Scrapbooking Book
       Family Scrapbooking

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Design & Technical Books
*Robin Williams: (She is truly the gold standard.)
       The Non-Designer's Design Book (Page Design Principles)
       The Non-Designer's Type Book (Typography Principles)
       The Non-Designer's Web Book (Web Design Principles)
       The Non-Designer's Scan & Print Book
       How to Boss Your Fonts Around( Advanced Text Design)
       The Little Mac Book (A Mac primer for everyone)
       The Mac is not a Typewriter (Mac owner's Bible)

       The Complete Idiots Guide to Microsoft Windows ME
       More Technical books options...

Computers and Technology:
       Educational Technology

School Supplies Online
       Art Supplies
       Office/School Supplies
     (When you buy supplies from these links, Zen Home School receives      a small percentage of each sale to support this site.)

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