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Peace Education through Culture
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Green Education

"When people see things differently, they will do things differently." ~ Suzuki Roshi (Japanese Zen Master)
May we give young people energy and courage, instead of the burden of fear and powerlessness. ~ ZHS

The Big Picture   Awareness and Action   Farmers Market   Green Film Festivals  

Green Education means learning how fragile life on this planet really is, and it also means figuring out what to do to protect the natural world in which we all exist. These two films clearly explain the big picture, and all that follows is the healing effort of Green Education.

The Big Picture:
An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary is based on Gore's lecture series that he has spent years giving around the world. The world's science community says that the film is 99% accurate. There is virtually no real scientific dispute that Global Warming is happening now. Yet, when the creators of this film offered to give thousands of copies of this DVD to high schools across America, they were blocked by the power of corporate influence on education. Please preview this film to determine if your children are ready to see it. If you view this with your children, please plan for time to discuss it with them after viewing.

An Inconvenient Truth
The Eleventh Hour
This film is considered the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. This brilliant documentary tells us that now is perhaps the last chance we have to change things. The film's host is Leonardo DiCaprio. The film's intelligent dialog points out the error in believing that human life is somehow separate from nature. This Taoist view is explained by some of the world's foremost scientists, poets, authors and conservationists. The American public was not given much of a chance to view this film in 2007. It is out now on DVD. We encourage families to show it to friends, at home in your neighborhoods. Please preview the film first to determine if it is something your children are ready to see.

11th Hour

Green Awareness and Action:

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, environmental activist, eco feminist, and philosopher. Born in India in 1952, she has become a global leader and board member in the International Forum on Globalization. She is a member of Spain's Socialist Party and avid lecturer for the wisdom of holistic Vedic Ecology. In 1993 she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award. Today she is one of most sought after speaker/activist for global sustainability. Vandana Shiva
Each Dr. Vandana Shiva youtube clip is exceptional:
The Future of Food Part I
The Future of Food part II
The Future of Food part III
Non sustainable systems
Patents by Monsanto
Indigenous Knowledge

Vandana Shiva

The Farmers Market Revolution:
The smart activism of ordinary Americans buying locally grown food and products is a Win/Win revolution! The Farmers Market is nothing new, it is simply how we used to buy our food before big business took over. The beauty of buying locally grown vegetables, fruits, and eating local eggs, fish and meat, is not only in health benefits, but also in a much reduced carbon footprint on the earth.

Order Green Education Workbook

View YouTube clip:
Dr. Vandana Shiva on Global Food Democracy

Small is Possible

Create Your Own Green Film Festivals:

Have a neighborhood Green Film Festival at your house! Invite your friends, have a potluck. Enjoy, educate, enrich. Encourage young people to make their own videos of Green issues in your area. Show the amature videos at the Festivals along with the professional DVDs. You can't charge for watching the copyrighted DVDs, but you could have a bake sale or a raffle to generate funds for Green projects. Be creative!

Green DVDs:
Crude Awakening Who Killed Electric Car? Trashed Earth Days
Wall-E Food,Inc The Future of Food World in Balance: Population Paradox

Wildlife DVDs:
These beautiful DVDs could be shown interspersed in your Film Festivals with more serious films. The first row is top films of real wildlife around the world. The second row is fictional feature films that speak about personal experience with nature.
Best of Nature 25 Years National Geographic: Strange Days on Planet Earth BBC Natural History Collection Environmental DVD Set
Born Free My Side of Mountain Never Cry Wolf Free Willy

Green Library:
Start a Green lending library for your community. Books, CDs and DVDs could be on display during your film festival. Start Green Teams that organize clubs of favorite Green Topics and Green Projects. People could get started networking during intermissions at your festivals.

Soil Not Oil Plan C Living Like Ed Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

Sounds of the Natural World:
These authentic CDs are of Africa, the humpback whales, morning birds and wolves of North America.
africa whales birds wolves

Green Poetry:
Encourage young people to write Green Poetry and let them read to your friendly festival audience.

"Paved Paradise"
Joni Mitchell's brilliant new Green/Protest/Peace jazz-infusion CD, "Shine," is bitter-sweet. She asks all of us to take a realistic look at the condition of the natural world. Through awareness, we know what to do and what not to do.

"Money, money, money...
Money makes the trees come down
It makes mountains into molehills
Big money kicks the wide wide world around."


A few favorite Green Education web sites:
  1. We Can Solve the Climate Crisis
  2. JaneGoodall.org
  3. DavidSuzuki.org
  4. Koko.org
  5. WildlifeWarriors.org.au
  6. NatureServe.org
  7. NationalGeographic.com
  8. EdensLostandFound.org (PBS)
  9. "Recycling" eia.doe.gov
  10. M.I.T. Global Change Forum
  11. Stanford Global Climate and Energy Project
  12. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  13. EarthBox.com

Natural World

May we give young people energy and courage instead of the burden of fear and learned helplessness.
May we find ways to live that are sustainable and do not depend on destroying the habitat of indigenous peoples, animals or plants.
May we do everything we can to ensure compassionate and sustainable methods of agriculture and horticulture.
May we develop the ability to grow our own food and reduce dependence on global markets.
May we develop sustainable ways to generate energy without polluting our small planet.
May we find ways to live in harmony with Nature and protect ample wild places.
May we care for the plants and animals that depend on us for life.
May we help spread the healing effort of Green Education.
May we prevent the destruction of the Natural World.

© copyright Deb Huntley 2008 ~ All Rights Reserved

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