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Media Literacy/Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment (all four freedoms) is the foundation of a democracy. A democracy relies on an informed people to decide the nation's course at home and in the world. Without genuine journalism, citizens may be left in the dark about what is happening in the country as well as the world. That's why the revolutionary founders of America placed so high a regard on the freedom of the press. ZHS offers this list of new and old media to support real journalism, the true "watch dog" and protector of ethics and information. The education of a productive global citizen depends on awareness. Please use this page as a guide for media that matters. (* Indicates section especially recommended for ZHS Parent/Teacher Education.) moyers on democracy
Reading for Awareness   Other Media Online   Educational Public Television

*Reading for Awareness:
www.iht.com International Harold Tribune
"The Global Edition of the New York Times." Free for now...
Watch: One-minute World News
Read: American news as viewed from England.
Check out: The Science and Environment section.
www.nytimes.com Free online for the rest of the year.
www.washingtonpost.com Free online with simple registration.
www.thebigproject.co.uk/news Free online.
Take advantage of this link to read the views, for yourself, in the newspapers of Africa, Asia, The Americas, Australia, The Middle East, and all of Europe. Check in with the world this way, at least bi-weekly. See for yourself how different countries in the world view today's global situations.
Recycles some the best and to-the-point publications, for free. Read many of the best journalists who are writing today.
english.aljazeera.net Free online
Breaking news you won't hear about in the U.S.
Journalism in the public interest.
age american unreason

dumbing us down
Other Media Online:

YouTube clips
Bill Moyers Media and Free Speech, Part 1
Susan Jacoby American Failure in Education, Reason
John Taylor Gatto The Elite Private Boarding Schools

The Kindle Reading Revolution
There is nothing like it; it is amazing! It is not the Internet.
It is something completely new and revolutionary:

  • Kindle lets you think of a book and get it in one minute!
  • No monthly wireless payments!
  • Easy on the eyes reading. Lightweight.
  • Order through our Kindle links and help support Natural Education.
Kindle books, newspapers, magazines and other publications at a fraction of the hardcopy cost!

Newspapers on Kindle
West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, The South, National, International

Magazines on Kindle
The New Yorker, The Nation, The New York Times Book Review, Harper's

Books on Kindle
Fiction, non-fiction, over 600,000 books...


NPR.org National Public Radio
KLCC.org In Eugene Oregon, this little radio station offers radio the old fashion way; Local DJs and local announcers inform the public and interact in the community for the greater good.

Educational free Public Television: (The secret art of using this media)
Television is a tool that is misused more than it is used well. But when television first came on the scene in America, the country's foremost radio news reporter, Edward R. Murrow simply said, "This thing can teach." With sight and sound engaged, television is a powerful medium, and watching TV can be mastered by careful selection. While it is important to balance a little time watching TV, with a lot of time exercising outdoors, talking with family and friends and reading good books, it is not really a virtue to throw-out the technology because it can be hard to stop watching. There are enriching and informing programs as well as entertainment and crucial news -- if you can find them. Just locate them and watch nothing else. Our recommendation is for families to own just one television and put it in a common area of the living space (no tv in children's rooms.) Once a week sit as a family unit and decide which programs will be watched. Take control. One show a day is good, but there are exceptions. Just watch only the best stuff, omit the garbage. Very young children should be protected from TV screens and everyone should be aware that screen emissions change the brain and affects our eyes. Don't forget: Television station's schedules are posted online.
www.pbs.org (This web site offers rich education support for parents and teachers, and may allow taping their shows for educational uses.) PBS Teacher's Source

Media Literacy Movies

Music Literacy Listening

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