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Physical Education

Bio-electric Energy   Qigong   Tai Chi   Taijiquan   Self-defense   Healing the Source   Taoist Healing Books   Healing Music   Healthy Sports and Supplies   Continuing Education Qi  

Global awareness of health and movement is profoundly enriched by the Taoist's understanding of Chi -- life's energy. No matter what your main interest: Fitness, healing, sports, or science, the following offerings are part of the world's best home study programs ever published. These studies and practices are for all independent learners with a curiosity and a desire for physical health.

Taoist Wisdom
Root Chinese Qigong
For over 4000 years, the Taoists have observed the ways of nature in the human physical body. While authentic Taoist understanding is rare today, Dr. Yang has spent 30 years creating a brilliant international school of Taoist study and practice. A school like this has never existed before with such scientific proficiency. Born and trained in Taiwan, Dr. Yang earned a western Ph.D. He became a physicist, engineer, scientist, scholar, educator, author, publisher and an authentic Martial Arts Grand Master.

Dr. Yang is one of the world's most beloved and prolific educators. Luckily, many of Dr. Yang's theories and Martial Arts teachings can be studied at home with DVDs and books. Listed below are the most outstanding Taoist studies in physical energy and health that are available, anywhere.

The best way to teach children about their physical bodies is for us to develop a thorough understanding of Chi and by caring for our bodies with awareness. Children learn what they live, and they will notice if we know what we are talking about, or not. If we simply preach lists of virtuous goals or lists of what is forbidden, we may be surprised one day to find out that all we have done is teach prejudice instead of understanding. Children copy what their parents and teachers do, even though they may appear to be ignoring what we say. If they see us getting stronger, more balanced, and happier, one day they might sincerely look into these wonderful studies and practices themselves. Never force young people to learn a wisdom practice, but if they agree to start, find the best teacher in your area for them to study with while you educate yourself on Taoist wisdom. Our main job is to show them how to live, by living well ourselves.

For tutorial assistance and further study go to our ZHS Continuing Education page: Continuing Education Qi

Bio-electric Energy

Taoists discovered Chi energy with the careful observation of nature over thousands of years. The universal Chi energy is referred to as Heavenly Chi, Earth Chi, and Human Chi. Heavenly Chi is considered in Astrology. Earth Chi is considered in Feng Shui But in general, when we speak of Chi energy, we usually mean the bio-electricity of the human body and all its circulatory functions. (The Taoists realize that humans are part of nature -- that nature is One Event, and not two or more separate things. The true Taoist view is non-dualistic.)

In these four DVDs, Dr. Yang explains Qigong and the human energetic circulatory system. Practicing Qigong (Chi Kung) is working to optimize our body's chi circulation. Anyone who is serious about learning more about physical energies, energy work and energy healing, will want all four DVDs and book. This is Dr. Yang's foremost program offered before he goes into a 10-year retreat. The Root of Chinese Qigong (book) offers Dr. Yang's brilliant bridge of understanding to both western and eastern students. This is a clear chance for us to learn more about how the energy of life works and about the hope for the future that smart science could unfold.
Understanding Qigong
Understanding Qigong-1DVD
Understanding Qigong-2DVD
Understanding Qigong-3DVD
Understanding Qigong-4DVD
Root of Chinese Qigong-Book


Using the careful instructions of Dr. Yang, these simple movements can teach balance, health, healing and prevention. While most people feel an improved health in a short time, this practice is a life-long practice of gradually deepening and of expanding awareness.

8 pieces of brocade Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health-DVD (Dr. Yang)
The Eight Pieces of Brocade-Book (Dr. Yang)
Qigong Massage-DVD (Dr. Yang)
Back Pain Relief-VHS (Dr. Yang)
Arthritis Relief-VHS (Dr. Yang)

Tai Chi

Theory and Practice
These books, DVDs and VHS tapes by Dr. Yang's colleagues can teach the understanding and art of Tai Chi at home. Enrich your family with Tai Chi practice together. This is what we see all those impressive groups doing silently in big city parks, all over the world. The DVD "Tai Chi Energy Patterns," by Ramel Rones has an exceptionally detailed overview of the health benefits of each movement and explains the inner practice of Tai Chi brilliantly using visual effects. Excellent.
Sunrise Tai Chi
Sunrise Tai Chi-DVD (Ramel Rones)
Tai Chi Energy Patterns-DVD (Ramel Rones)
Tai Chi Walking Walking-Book (Chuckrow)
Simplified Tai Chi Chuan-DVD (Master Liang)
Simplied Tai Chi-Book (Master Liang)


Practice (Martial Tai Chi) Taijiquan
Taijiquan Classical Yang Style -DVD (Dr. Yang)
Wu Style Taijiquan-VHS (Master Liang)
Sun Style Taijiquan-VHS (Master Liang)
Taiji Sword-DVD (Dr. Yang)
Taiji Pushing Hands-DVD (Dr. Yang)
Taiji Ball Qigong-DVD (Dr. Yang)
Essence of Taiji Qigong-DVD (Dr. Yang)


These are practical self-defense lessons for non-martial artists, as well as for anyone involved in martial arts practice.

How To Defend Yourself - Unarmed Attack (VHS)
How To Defend Yourself - Knife Attack (VHS)
*How to Defend Yourself: Effective & Practical Techniques and
Strategies from Traditional Chinese Martial Arts-Book

sunim Healing the Source

Using the elements of Taoism, Master Herbalist and Korean Zen Master Hyunoong Sunim calculates which foods work the best with your particular body. He also indicates which foods can harm you. Using your exact birth date and place, Sunim has integrated the indications of the five element distribution of the moment of your birth to give you priceless information to help guide you to better health. He can also indicate the natural tendencies of individuals to help understand relationships.

  1. Find a dietary program designed specifically for you or your children.
  2. Learn the fundamental imbalances of your body and how to make food corrections for better health.
  3. With a Compatibility Analysis, gain insight into your elemental tendencies with your mate, children, business partner, co-worker.
www.healingthesource.com ZHS highest recommendation.

Taoist Healing Books
Healing Massage
These books are perfect for home reference or serious study for body workers and healers of all kinds.

Dr. Wu's Head Massage-Book (Dr. Bin)
Qigong Massage-Book (Dr. Yang)
Traditional Chinese Health Secrets-Book (Xu)
Back Pain Relief-Book (Dr. Yang)
Arthritis Relief-Book (Dr. Yang)
Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Book (Xu)
Chinese Tui Na Massage: The essential guide to treating injuries,
improving health, and balancing Qi-Book (Xu)

Healing Music
Yi Ching Music
Enjoy the soothing qualities of authentic Chinese music as background music for practice, study or during healing sessions.

Yi Ching Music for Health-CD series
Classical Chinese Folk Music
Phases of the Moon: Traditional Chinese Music

Target Practice

Traditional Zen practice from Japan has included target practice for centuries. The main practice is to observe our own minds and movements to eventually master the clear action of hitting the bull's eye, by knowing our minds. Do not use as weapons.
target Archery (Outdoors)
Darts (Indoors or Out)
    Beginners -soft tip
    Older students -steel tip


Experience nature with your children.
Sleeping Bags
Hiking Boots/Shoes
Swiss Army Knife

bike Cycling

Practical transportation and exercise or robust adventure.
Basic Bikes
Mountain Bikes
Accessories & Repair


The most practical and independent form of water travel.
Kayaks (Inflatable or hard)

kayak Skating

Old fashion roller skates for fun, ice skates for elegance, and slick inline skates for strength training.
Roller Skates
Ice Skates
Inline Skates

Racquet Sports

Rigorous challenge, indoors or on a court.
Table Tennis (Ping Pong)
Tennis Racquets

yogakids Yoga

The ancient health and relaxation practice.

ZHS is an affiliate partner with Amazon.com, and with each onsite purchase, receives a small percentage of each sale which helps support ZHS programs. (ZHS has no financial affiliation with HEALING THE SOURCE. We are old friends.)

ZHS is not responsible in any way, for anyone who follows the studies, practices or activities suggested here. ZHS offers information about options for independent learners to pursue at their own discretion.

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