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Peace Education through Culture
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Deb Huntley has retired the Parent/Teacher Education program online, but is still teaching through the ZHS online Continuing Education program to continue the discussion of what it really means to mature spiritually. All Workbooks are still available. Workbooks

"Our culture is teaching us to misuse imagination by fabricating wish worlds of endless thrills, chills and ecstasy that can only be satisfied by spending money. Unfortunately, this is not making children smarter, it's making it harder for them to be interested or able to discover reality in nature and in themselves." dh (See Natural World poem.)

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"The world is a more dangerous place than it was, even as recently as the 80s & 90s. However, the basic fundamentals of development of the mind, body, heart and skills of a child, remain the same. More than ever, children need to be presented with genuinely intelligent care and days filled with life-centered awareness. The real point in education is always to show children how to live." dh

The following poem offers the view of step-by-step natural education:

Zen Education
© by Deb Huntley

It is enough to eat, sleep, and live in modest accommodations.
It is enough to speak rich language during conversation and story telling.
It is enough to draw, learn to write, and to read.

It is enough to walk, ride a bike, go on a hike.
It is enough to sing, play instruments, and dance.
It is enough to laugh and cry, and to write poetry.
It is enough to master basic arithmetic.

It is enough to follow the love of inquiry into discovery and adventure in nature, science, the arts, mathematics, and true self-awareness.
It is enough to be honest and kind.
It is enough to be real.

©copyright Deb Huntley 2002-2014 - All Rights reserved.