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Peace Education through Culture
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Educational Technology

Keep it simple. It is wise to use the technology that actually enriches and expands our lives, while simply leaving out the things that do not really benefit our health.

The Four Devices ~ High Tech
We do not recommend earplugs, habitual use of cell phones, or mindless Internet activity. But after research, we can honestly recommend four devices for home use: a computer for writing and research, a Kindle for accessible/affordable reading, a Bose music system for clear and natural listening, and a pocket camcorder for making fun home videos.

macbook pro 13 Bose Kodak kindle

Laptop Computers
Apple Laptop       Toshiba Laptop (PC)       Other Laptops

Kindle, Wi-Fi       Kindle, 3G+Wi-Fi       Kindle books       Kindle magazines       Kindle newspapers

Bose Wave Music System
The Bose Wave Music System produces a profoundly natural sound that is almost hard to believe that one small unit could sound so good. Its value to music is clarity and the fundamental lack of distortion. Listening to it is as close as it gets to hearing acoustic musicians playing in your living room. You'll never regret owning this music system. It is marvelous. Bose Wave Music System Noise Canceling Headphones We highly recommend using only these headphones for enhanced sound and ear protection, and never put any listening device directly inside of the ear. Hearing loss by using ear buds is documented abundantly. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Pocket Video Cameras
These little cameras are easy to use, inexpensive, and offer a lot of fun and skill building. Pocket video Cameras

The Three Inventions ~ Low Tech
Every home will be enriched by having these three brilliant low tech inventions! These three inventions forever changed the way we measure things.

Microscope Abacus Telescope  

At home or in a lab, this little microscope can make much of what is not seen, come into view. Microscope

This ancient invention gives a sound foundation for grasping arithmetic. Abacus

Take a look at the night sky from your window. Dive away from city lights and set up observation of the heavens with the whole family. Look up and see more of our celestial neighborhood with the help of an affordable telescope. Telescope

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