Table of Contents



Reality Check - how things really are

Green Teams
     Green detective work
     Membership & focus

Green Projects
     Tree Planting
     Gardening and Edible Landscape
     Community Green Education
     Bat House
     Alternative transportation

Farmers Market Revolution
     Eating Locally Grown
     Family Experiment

Saturday Market
     Bird and Bat Houses
     Hubcap Mondalas
     Mini Peace Garden

Edible Landscape

Indoor Gardening
     Anne Wigmore

Film Festivals
     Collecting DVDs, CDs and Books
     Larger Festivals: church/school?

The Big Picture, the Truth
     Global Warming and other problems
     Plant Life
     Animal Life
     Human Life

Fund Raising
     Farmers Market
     Saturday Market
     Bake Sales
     Care Services

Publications for Green Teams

     Beneficial action
     Green Education everyday!

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