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Peace Education through Culture
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"Self-Education is learning to see for yourself." dh

Self-education is most valuable only when it is reality based. The Dalai Lama tells us, "If your mind is bias, you can not see." It takes an open mind to see clearly. If we hold tightly to our own likes and dislikes, as if those choices define us, we will be too busy to witness reality itself as it unfolds moment to moment. Reality based self-education is not only learning to see for oneself, it is also the endless process of eroding our own ego structure so that we can see without distortion. It is usually our own wishful and/or fearful thoughts that block and distorts our view. In fact, sometimes we see nothing but our own self-centered thought structures and mistakenly think that's who we are. In reality, we are not our thoughts. Rather, we are that which is aware of the thoughts.

Zen Home School is a simple interactive website offering suggestions for combining Zen, Home, and School. Zen is meditation that increases our mindfulness awareness. Home is where we live and how we live. School is learning, 24/7. Here, we support self-education that helps young people and anyone else to mature with openness, curiosity, skills, and creativity. Deb Huntley hopes that this website helps your independent educational quest for honest learning, or at least that it helps you discern a beneficial direction.

Deb Huntley

Continuing Education ~ Spiritual Maturity   New and loaded with amazing selected YouTube clips to deepen spiritual education. Expand your knowledge of some of the clearest teachers of our time, and learn what they teach. Invest in yourself by taking our condensed digital mini-courses: Meditation I & II, Universal Qi Energy I & II, The Bodhisattva Path of Service, Peacemakers, Buddha: The Man, Death and Dying. Continuing Education is designed for older independent learners. Available any time. Open to anyone. Continuing Education

Parent Teacher Education   Developing a personal awareness practice is the first step for anyone interested in offering clarity and skills to children. Parent Teacher Education

MeditationEd NaturalEd

Apple Alley Early Home Education  Quality in Early Education fundamentally depends upon the parent's and teachers' level of self-awareness, clarity, and generosity. Early Education

Peace Education  Find ZHS Family Peace Workbook (available any time,) free Peace Teachings from wisdom holders, and the true marks of a Peace Maker. See our Continuing Education Peacemakers for further peace study. "Where there is peace there is culture and where there is culture there is peace." (Nicholas Roerich) Peace Education

Music Education  Music Maitri is what we call our free online Music Education guide. Music Maitri is making friends with oneself through music. Our plan builds musical skills developmentally, gradually over a span of 16 years in a child's life. It starts at about age 2 1/2 years, and continues through age 18. Of course modifications can be made, and it could begin at any age including adult. Just following this outline can give any student a wonderful musical foundation that builds self-confidence while simultaneously building learning skills that are also used in reading, writing and mathematics. Music Education is a gift for a lifetime. Learn how and when to introduce your child to song, dance, and instruments that they can handle. Each phase of Music Maitri is a foundation for the next period of development. Nothing pays off more in the long run, than gradual and natural musical skill development that makes sense. Music Education
GreenEdWk FamilyPeaceWk

Green Education  Fall in love with nature again and become an advocate of Green Education. Educate and inspire your family, classroom and community. Learn the truth about our ecological situation around the world and ways to help make changes in a positive direction. "When people see things differently, they will do things differently." ~ Suzuki Roshi (Japanese Zen Master)

Democracy Education The failure of civic education in America today is enabling an elite, minute percentage of our population to manipulate politics, trade, wealth, and laws to their advantage. This section of our ZHS Online Curriculum is a free crash-course on the principles of true American Democracy. Review why the whole world has loved the Constitutional rule of law in America and remember why our Constitutional Democracy has been a bright light for human freedom in the world for well over 200 years. Teach real Democracy Education. When Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government America would have, he replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Physical Education ~ Taoist Wisdom Find the world's cutting edge east-west teachings of the universal energy, Chi (Qi.) While the western focus is mainly on muscles, all the ancient Qi practices (like Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and others,) are based on understanding the Qi energy patterns of the body. This energy is now called Bio-electricity by science. Whether a parent, teacher, healer, Martial Artist, dancer, or physician, the scientific information and clear practices offered here could help you develop and deepen your understanding much further. Children will only benefit from your expanding understanding of how the energy of life really works. This information is transformative. Physical Education horsewagon
Financial Education  Early financial education begins at home. Suggestions outlined on dealing with money throughout childhood, teen years, early adult. Featured educational resources.

Reading Literacy Reading well is essential for young people to gradually gain their longed-for independence one day. Reading Literacy

Media Literacy Use this page for easy navigating to the world's best journalism and publications online. Literacy is knowing how to read, but it also means that we do read. Democracy is founded on an informed public. Without this, we have no Democracy. Media Literacy

Educational Technology The Seven Best ~ Households only need 4 high tech devices and 3 low tech inventions to have the best of educational technology at home. There is no need for endless gadgets or worrisome monthly charges. See our Seven Best for educational technology.

ZHS Awareness Bookstore/Educational Resources  Teaching Supplies, Educational Resources, Homeschool Curriculum, Parent/Teacher Training and Child Development, for study and enrichment. Features: Reading Literacy, Homeschool Curriculum, Educational Technology, Music Education & Instruments, and selected CDs/Movies to spice up and enrich your family education or homeschool curriculum. This little online Bookstore offers a big education.

Dedication In memory of Ven. Gesshin Prabhasa Dharma Roshi, and beloved Zen teacher Charlotte Joko Beck. More...

Roshi Joko

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